Update KoEE Ranking after Extreme Lagares!

Lagares, Portugal, Oct. 8, 2012

Extreme Lagares in Portugal – once again a great event – is over and we’re looking at an updated KoEE Ranking! Graham Jarvis (UK, Flite-Husaberg) once again dominated and came in with a solid 29 minutes lead on Dougie Lampkin (UK, GASGAS) and 45 minutes on Alfredo Gomez (E, Husaberg).

In the KoEE Ranking Graham leads by 28 points now but Jonny Walker (UK, KTM) can get closer if he wins Red Bull Sea to Sky – which is coming next on Oct. 20&21 in Turkey. BUT, there is no guarantee for Grimbo – as we all know that “to finish first, first you have to finish” and there are two races and 40 points left for Jonny Walker to steal the crown.

Extreme Lagares: Paulo Melicia and his team once again have done an outstanding job in 2012 – especially considering the comparatively tiny budget they have to work with. The landscape around Lagares is beautiful and the terrain has been used to take the riders to their very limits.

Even Graham – who I have never heard complaining about a track before – was a bit destroyed after the race: “I’m really reliefed to get to the finish, it was a lot harder than I expected. I think that this is definitely one of the hardest in the world – if not the hardest. The challenge really was to get grip, you had to push the bike in a lot of places and there was no rest at all, it was a long lap we had to do twice. I drowned the bike in a river crossing and lost some minutes there. Dougie caught up but I was able to maintain pretty much the same speed so I was able to pull away. Now I’m looking forward to Red Bull Sea to Sky!”

Many riders – including Ben and Dan Hemingway – really struggled and for the Extreme Lagares 2013 edition it may be worth considering to find the right balance between making the event hard enough to reach the limit but still ridable (even for the top 15 KoEE riders!).

From left to right: 5. Xavi Galindo, 3. Alfredo Gomez, 1. Graham Jarvis, 2. Dougie Lampkin, 4. Malcior Faja

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