KoEE Prize Pool still open until Dec. 28

Even though the KoEE Magic 7 races are over and we’re already passed Dec. 15, the KoEE Prize Pool is still open: Because we’re waiting for a larger confirmed payment to come in by Dec. 28. Important message For all KoEE 2012 TOP 10 riders: To pay out the KoEE […]

Martin Freinademetz

Martin Freinademetz / RBR donating €700 to KoEE Prize Pool

We’re very excited to announce that Martin Freinademetz, the Red Bull Romaniacs and Red Bull Sea to Sky mastermind has added €700 to the KoEE Prize Pool. This is a super cool move from Martin – thanks in the name of all riders, especially the ones in the KoEE Ranking! Martin […]

From left to right: 5. Xavi Galindo, 3. Alfredo Gomez, 1. Graham Jarvis, 2. Dougie Lampkin, 4. Malcior Faja

Update KoEE Ranking after Extreme Lagares!

Lagares, Portugal, Oct. 8, 2012 Extreme Lagares in Portugal – once again a great event – is over and we’re looking at an updated KoEE Ranking! Graham Jarvis (UK, Flite-Husaberg) once again dominated and came in with a solid 29 minutes lead on Dougie Lampkin (UK, GASGAS) and 45 minutes […]

Extreme Lagares coming up next! 3

So we’re getting closer to the first weekend of October and – in our humble opinion – a super cool race, which is attracting more and more riders, is next in the Kings of Extreme Enduro calendar: Extreme Lagares in Portugal. Some quick facts about Extreme Lagares: Date: October 6&7 […]

Dougie EL 2011


GoldenTyre 216X: Weapon of choice for the Kings? 7

GoldenTyre (GT) is gaining more and more ground in the Extreme Enduro scene in the past couple of years. The entire GT team seems to be totally obsessed by creating the best possible tires for the extreme environment. Jarvis, Letti and Xavi Galindo just to mention a few of the […]

Updated KoEE Ranking online after Erzberg and Romaniacs

The KoEE Ranking has been updated with the latest results from the Red Bull Romaniacs in and around Sibiu (Romania). Looking at the updated ranking there are major changes: Graham Jarvis maintains his lead even though he was disqualified at Erzbergrodeo. Jonny Walker is closing in on Graham, just 8 […]

1. Jonny Walker (UK, KTM), 2. Dougie Lampkin (UK, GASGAS), 3. Ben Hemingway (UK, KTM)

KoEE Ranking updated after Erzbergrodeo

So Graham & Letti have been disqualified at the Erzbergrodeo, but Graham still maintains the lead in the KoEE Ranking. Red Bull Romaniacs is coming up on June 13-17 so we will have an updated ranking on June 17th. Unfortunately, some of the top guns will have to miss the […]

Who will beat Graham Jarvis at EBR and RBR?

Exciting times ahead of us! The 18th edition of the Red Bull Hare Scramble @ Erzbergrodeo is coming up this weekend (June 1o) and the Red Bull Romaniacs follows right next (June 13-17) – so the next KoEE points from 2 races will be added to the rider’s within just […]

Red Bull Video: Going to the Limit

Here’s a great 3 minutes video from the Red Bull Hard Enduro Feed including some action but primarily letting some of our Extreme Enduro heroes talking about “Going to the Limits”. The fact that Red Bull is dedicating a channel to Extreme / Hard Enduro really helps A LOT raising […]