KoEE Prize Pool Ranking

Here’s the updated KoEE Prize Pool Ranking. Come on, put your name into that list, just go to the Donations page! All money goes to the riders!

We’re updating the list every now and then – it’s not done automatically, so please allow some time until you are shown on the list. However, we try to do it as quickly as possible.

#NamePaid (€)PayPal Fees (€)Amount in Pool (€)
1.Andreas Letti Lettenbichler180,390,00180,93
2.Aaron A. Aaronson (Toskana)100,002,2597,75
3.Mario Meissnitzer (Enduro Austria)25,000,8324,17
Rune Blikoe25,000,8324,17
Geir Blikoe25,000,8324,17

And here’s the 2012 King of Extreme Enduro Prize Pool Ranking – just so you know what has been achieved last year. Let’s top this!

#NamePaid (€)PayPal Fees (€)Amount in Pool (€)
1.Red Bull Turkey977.0518.91958.14
2.Martin Freinademetz / (Red Bull Romaniacs)70013.65686.35
3.Holger Dettmann3206.43313.57
4.klaus sørensen1653.49161.51
5.Bernd Hupfauf (Austrian Cross Country)1503.20146.80
Christian Fendt501.3048.70
Werner P. Rabl501.3048.70
Seppo Suttner501.3048.70
8.Hakan, the king of it all100.549.46
Geir Blikoe100.549.46


  1. Filling the table above is not done automatically. We’re checking the PayPal account every now and then so please allow some time until your donation appears!
  2. Please be aware that PayPal is taking transaction charges – NOT from you BUT from us. For example: If you donate €50 KoEE will get only €48,70 since PayPal takes €1,30 transaction fee in that case! The transaction charges differ from region to region! From within the EU PayPal is charging 1.9% + €0.35 per transaction. From outside the EU PayPal charges between 3.7 – 5.2% + €0.35 per transaction! Detailed rates can be found here.