KoEE 2012 Prize Pool Payout! 2

Happy New Year to all of you and thanks for your support in 2012!

After we’ve received the last payment – a BIG THANKS to Red Bull Turkey!!! – for the KoEE 2012 Prize Pool right before New Years Eve we’re starting to pay out 100% to the KoEE 2012 Top 10 riders!

And we’re excited to announce that we’re looking at a total KoEE 2012 Prize Pool of €2,576.97! Not bad for the initial year of a totally new concept without sponsors. We’re paying out 100% of the money in the prize pool according to the KoEE rules as follows below.

Please note: Since Dan Hemingway and Paul Bolton both came in with 36 KoEE Points in the final KoEE Ranking we decided to add up the money for places 8 and 9 and split that amount between the two of them.

Payment is done via PayPal ONLY! We have contacted the 10 riders individually asking for their PayPal email address which we need to pay out the money. There will be NO bank transfer, cash payments or whatever, only PayPal!

#RiderShare in %Share in €
1.Graham Jarvis24%618.47
2.Jonny Walker17%438.08
3.Ben Hemingway14%360.78
4.Xavi Galindo11%283.47
5.Dougie Lampkin9%231.93
6.Andreas Lettenbichler7%180.39
7.Mecior Faja6%154.62
8.Dan Hemingway4.5%115.96
Paul Bolton4.5%115.96
10.Lars Enöckl3%77.31
Total KoEE 2012 Prize Pool2,576.97

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