Kings of Extreme Enduro – Season 2013 2

After a really good initial KoEE season we’re happy to say that the main goals have been achieved:

  1. Giving the riders a transparent ranking + international visibility and awareness in the public.
  2. Building a KoEE Prize Pool to support the riders also on the financial side. In 2012 we collected €2,576.97 – a great result considering the fact that KoEE does not have any sponsors.

We’ve decided to build on this initial success and do the same thing in 2013:

  1. We’ll have the same KoEE Magic 7 races in the KoEE 2013 Ranking:Tough One, Hell’s Gate, Erzbergrodeo, Red Bull Romaniacs, Red Bull Sea to Sky, Extreme Lagares & Roof of Africa.
  2. We will use the same rules and ranking method as in 2012!
  3. We will open a new KoEE 2013 Prize Pool!

We’re waiting for the official Tough One results – as soon as we have those we’ll provide the first KoEE 2013 Ranking!

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