GoldenTyre 216X: Weapon of choice for the Kings? 7

GoldenTyre (GT) is gaining more and more ground in the Extreme Enduro scene in the past couple of years. The entire GT team seems to be totally obsessed by creating the best possible tires for the extreme environment. Jarvis, Letti and Xavi Galindo just to mention a few of the GT protagonists in the elite of Extreme Enduro.

Now there’s a new model coming up, the GT216X. Graham “Grimbo” Jarvis and Letti have (successfully) been using the GT216HB for quite a while and the GT216X is a variation of the HB with a modified carcass and a completely new rubber compound. The trial tire GT216 Trialera has a pretty similar rubber compound. From whatever we’ve heard so far, the GT216X seems to be the weapon of choice for many of the best Extreme Enduro riders out there.

Here’s what Letti has to say about the GT216X: “This one really works perfectly in the extreme terrain, it gets you whatever grip you could wish in stones and roots. GoldenTyre clearly built an extreme enduro tire that comes very close to the capabilities of a trials tire!”

Marco Caribotti (Team Manager Flite-Husaberg): “The 216X is the result of one year of testing with the entire team, and even though there are some similarities with the 216HB it’s pretty much a completely new tire. Besides Extreme Enduro the 216X has an outstanding performance in Enduro Cross. From this September on the 216X is available for the market together with the ‘Mousse Extreme’.

Jens Engelking, the Managing Director of Pnebo (the GT distributor in Germany) said that the GT216X will be officially introduced to the German market on the GetzenRodeo Extreme Enduro race in Saxony on November 10 – but it can be ordered starting in October.

For the German market check out for more infos (in German).

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