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So we’re getting closer to the first weekend of October and – in our humble opinion – a super cool race, which is attracting more and more riders, is next in the Kings of Extreme Enduro calendar: Extreme Lagares in Portugal.

Some quick facts about Extreme Lagares:

Date: October 6&7
Location: Penafiel close to Porto, Portugal
Classes: PRO, XL, HOBBY
Website: extremelagares.com
Schedule: October 6: An enduro cross like prologue attracts thousands of spectators – who are remarkably enthusiastic. A great show not to be missed! Hobby starts at 15:00, XL at 19:00 and PRO shortly after!
October 7: Main race, two laps to go for PRO and XL, one for HOBBY. Lap time approximately 2 hours.
Expected number of finishers: Less than 5 in the PRO class!

As to the expected riders in PRO class, we believe that again there will be a strong presence of UK riders, Dougie Lampkin (last years winner), the Hemingways and Bolts just to mention a few. We’re not sure about Graham Jarvis so Jonny Walker might consider to come to close the gap in the KoEE Ranking! Xavi Galindo should be around and we hope Afredo Gomez will show up, too. Letti will also make it – so yes, the KoEE Ranking will look different after this race!

We spoke to Paulo Moreira Melicia, the Extreme Lagares mastermind about the 2012 edition:

KoEE: Are there major changes in the track compared to last year?
Paulo: Yes there are big changes in 2012, the headquarter will be in a much more lovely place, paddock and parc ferme will be inside the village where the spectators can easily walk by.

KoEE: How long is the track (1 lap) this year?
Paulo: About 2 hours.

KoEE: How long did it take you to prepare the track? We’ve seen photos and it looks like you are really putting a lot of effort into the track preparation!
Paulo: As soon as I finish cleaning 2011 edition I immediately started planning the 2012 race. So we’ve been working on the 2012 edition for a year now.

KoEE: How many riders do you expect in 2012 in which classes?
Paulo: This year we expect 30 pilots in PRO class, 20 in XL and 80 in the HOBBY.

KoEE: How many riders do you expect to finish within the official time?
Paulo: I believe in the PRO class the fingers on one hand will be enough to count the finishers.

KoEE: Will you start the qualifying race a bit earlier (so the top riders don’t have to wait as long as last year ;-))
Paulo: Yes, last year taught us that we need to improve this. So we decided that the HOBBY class starts the prologue at 15:00, XL class at 19:00 and PRO immediately after.

KoEE: What’s the prize money?
Paulo: #1 in PRO class will get €3,000

KoEE: What is your guess for the pro class podium this year?
Paulo: May the best rider win …

Dougie Lampkin working his way up on one of the many steep uphills at EL 2011:

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